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Why We Use Metapathia Hunter?


Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter

Metapathia Hunter & Metatherapy history

The scientific pioneer Royal Raymond Rife first discovered this in the early 1920’s. Since then however it has taken many decades of dedicated study and research into the frequency of matter that now enables scientists to measure the frequency emitted by an object. Metapathia Hunter is a NON LINEAR SCANNER and was developed at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics. The inventor of NLS diagnostic system, Metapathia Hunter, is considered to be academic Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who in 1988 invented a trigger sensor, and thus founded the idea of the system.

Every object in our body, organic or inorganic can be isolated as a frequency, and every frequency from every object a unique identifying marker. This underlying fact gives the Metapathia Hunter the ability to to analyse individual body systems, including the Endocrine system, the Nervous, system, Respiratory system, Lymphatic system, Musculoskeletal system, Immune system, as well as allowing for a biochemical analysis. Metapathia Hunter is able to selectively amplify signals hardly detectable against the statistical fluctuations, and then isolate and decode the information they contain.

In a way Metapathia Hunter system takes bearings of this radiation just where it originates in order to then decode and display it on the computer screen where a virtual model of the organ is produced in specific colors.

Why We Use Metapathia Hunter?

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What does Metapathia Hunter Diagnostic system can test?

accurately assesses the functional status of the body in the form of a local NLS analysis
controls the effectiveness and results of various applied therapies
conducts various types of research: from functional changes to chromosome aberrations
assesses the adaptive capabilities of the patient’s body
localizes the primary focus of a condition
qualitatively assesses basic homeostasis parameters
individually indicate the most effective remedies (allopathic, phytotherapeutic, homeopathic, nutritional supplements, crystals, Bach floral remedies, apicles, cosmetics)
determine the active pathogenic flora, allergens, heavy metals, enzymes, hormones, oncological markers, immunoglobulins (for the detection of immunodeficiency states)
appreciates the emotional state of the patient and establishes the link between the psychoemotional and the somatic state (the spectral characteristics of 73 emotions)
assesses the genetic predispositions of the body
inhibits the activity of pathological flora by metacorection
stores the results of the investigations with the aim of tracking the pathological functional changes in the dynamics

Metapathia Hunter

Metapathia Hunter nls system accessories:

1.Metapathia Hunter Device Host x 1
2.Headset signal sensor x 1
3.USB cable x 3
4.USB flash disk x1
5.Items cup x 1
6.Aluminum case x1
7.Encryption lock x 1
8.Items cup patch(Meridian patch) x 2
9.Headset signal sensor protective sleeve x 4


How to analysis the Metapathia Hunter test reports by the 6 colors?

1 – Normal State
2 – Standard Condition
3 – Restricted State
4 – Serious Disorders State
5 – Weak State
6 – Abnormal Condition
(Sub-health status)


Metapathia Hunter

Why We Use Metapathia Hunter?

highly-informative method of organism examination

safety, i.e. maximal non-intervention into internal environment of an organism;
quickness of a research – average time for a patient research is 15-20 minutes;
mobility and portability;
affordable price of device and therefore the research itself;
high informativeness of the NLS-method, which is especially important for accurate diagnosing;
high objectivity at information reading;
diagnosing and monitoring of pathological conditions at early stages of a disease in the absence of significant organic changes of tissues;
a possibility of active homeostasis control, which is impossible for any modern
diagnostic system!

adaptation of a brand new system of continuous scanning developed for high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series, thus reliability of researches is increased greatly.
– Research speed is increased more than 5 times.
– The main peculiarity of Metapathia Hunter is ‘multidimensional virtual scanning’ that allows automatically localize a nidus of tumor, hereditary diseases and reveal a reason of its appearance at genome level, by sequential passing through histological and cytological sections, chromosomes and going deeper to fragments of DNA
Introduced for the first time in ‘Metapathia Hunter’ software:
– all peculiar to Homo Sapiens species anatomical, histological, cytological structures including ultramicroscopic ones.
– spectrums of minerals and gems, it allows to select according to individual biocompatibility a gem for permanent carrying or apply lithotherapy – healing treatment of organism by mineral radiated spectrum.
– a possibility to evaluate not only tissues of human organism, but also an ultra structure of microbial agents, viruses, helminthes, rickettsia, toxoplasms and trace on which parts of bacterial cell various antimicrobial medications influence.
– ‘iridodiagnostics’ and ‘auricolodiagnostics’ modes.
– selection of homeopathic medications with potency taken into consideration.
– introduced ‘Smart-filter’ function for handy and quick automatic selection of spectral processes and medications with process topology taken into account.
– Database of medical products, food supplements and homeopathic remedies significantly extended.

Metapathia Hunter

Where and Who need the Metapathia Hunter 4025 Hunter ?

.Chronic-degenerative illnesses of all kinds, autoimmune diseases,adjunct therapy to tumors.
.Weak immune system,chronic infections.
.Acute and chronic pain and inflammations.
.Fatigue,exhaustion,sleep disorders,depressions, migraine,psychosomatic illnesses, allergies,eczema, neurodermatitis.
.Hormonal disturbances, menopausal difficulties, PMS
.Old age illnesses.
.Pediatrics: growth problems, behavioral difficulties.
.Spinal symptoms:back pains,pains in joints, tensions, arthritis.
.Injuries,bone fractures
.Sports medicine, preparation for competition.
Metapathia Hunter 4025 Hunter Recognizes and Treats:
.Osteo-skeletal system(bones,joints,muscles,etc.)
.Lymphatic system,lymph nodes individual
.Vascular system(coronary vessels,arteries,veins,capillaries).
.Nervous system,(brain,spinal cord,hypothalamus, pituitary)
.Urogenital system(kidney,bladder,ovaries,uterus, prostate)
.Respiratory system(lungs,trachea,bronchi,etc.)
.Digestive system (stomach,intestines,esophagus,liver,etc.)
.Endocrine system(thyroid,adrenal glands,etc.)
.Bacteria,fungi,viruses and parasites.
.Blood components,hormones and enzymes.
.Allergens and environmental toxins.
.Food ,berbs,homeopathics,pharmaceuticals etc.

The Metapathia Hunter system is already being used in; Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, Sports Medicine, Fitness Consultants, Health Spa’s and Clinics, Homeopathic Clinics, as well as Rehabilitation Centres. The applications of the Metapathia Hunter Rough Diagnostic System are truly endless, which is why this system is quickly becoming the necessary companion of practitioners looking to upgrade and future proof their respective clinics.

Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter Metapathia Hunter

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