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nls bio something you need know


nls bio

What is NLS BIO?

What NLS BIO advantage?

· It allows the visualization of the corporal functioning according to the own chronobiology of each individual.
· Identify structural disease.
· Dynamic and precise analysis
· Non-invasive technological procedure, which allows an exhaustive diagnosis of the functioning of each organ and its internal functions; evaluating through the scanning system and in 3D, the bioelectrical level of the main structures of the human body.
· Determines the potential risk of suffering from certain pathologies.
· General condition of organs. In addition to detect the organ and diseased systems.

Bio scanner 3d health analyzer through light waves, sonar, through the eardrum in the human brain, using quantum resonance applied to probe techniques of specific organs of the body tissues of the hydrogen energy Atomic, the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer, compared to a huge database, which allows detection of the pathologies of organs currently, past, and in an upcoming period of 3 ~ 5 years.

1) The technology of the 3D bio scanner is not invasive, the patient will not feel any discomfort before or after the test. The voltage of the electrical stimulation does not cause any damage to the skin, it is not reactive, therefore there is no possibility of radiation, it does not produce side effects.
2) It only takes 30 minutes to quickly analyze and detect the state of the body and the assessment of the patient’s health status by exploring 3D body organs.
3) 12 systems of the human body and its tissues can be detected, changes, comparison of the scan range up to 300 exams.
4) It allows a clear evaluation of the risk of suffering certain pathologies, giving the patient the possibility of reducing an attack and giving him the opportunity to achieve the effect of prevention. The bio-scan allows us to obtain a clear analysis about the behavior of the organism and health in a period of 3 ~ 5 years.
5) 3D Bioscanner technology fuses spectral resonance, quantum resonance analysis and acoustic resonance analysis.
6) Test different foods / products for health care affect the circumstances of the body.
7) Detection function and automatic check of 12 systems (heart, lung, brain, liver, etc …) 256 reports of glands, cells etc, accurate prediction of 4,352 types of diseases based on the check of 120,000 body points users can see their organs now, in the past and the tendency to their health and the organization of future cellular vitality in a period 3 to 5 years.
8) Function of analysis: You can analyze foods and health products by verifying if they can have a beneficial or harmful effect by establishing a balance for the organism.
9) Treatment and repair function: With the restoration by means of energy of the spectrum and the function of repair, it attacks in an early stage the disease even preventively. This effect is especially applicable for the repair of pain points with auxiliary healing effect.

nls bio

The 3 Main Functions of NLS BIO Analyzer

1. Detection and Assessment of The Human Body
The system can easily assess a patient’s physical conditions, disease trends, as well as forecast health direction over the next 3-5 years. Through a patient therapist relationship, the therapist is able to advise life style changes to give the notion of prevention is better than cure. A 3D presentation allows the client to visually see their bodily organs in their current state.

2.Assessing a client using the 3D NLS analytical system2. Confirms whether Food and Healthcare Products are Helpful Or Harmful to the Body

3.The 3D NLS analyzer can analyze food and healthcare products and determine whether they are going to be good or harmful to the client’s body. This is useful in determining substances that could be causing allergic symptom in the patient.

nls bio nls bio

WHAT IS NLS BIO Features ?


The Vector program combines features of many people’s preferences. Emotions, health issues, pains, and suggestions to a healthier you are some of the features included. What makes Vector different is the combination of many functions:

Biofield Imbalance Analysis:

  • Energy of a person’s core
  • Organ biofields
  • Pathomorphology energies
  • Microorganisms (parasites, bacteria & viruses)
  • Individual biofields compared to disease biofields
  • Geo-pollution pathogen biofields
  • Vaccination biofields
  • Allergen irritants
  • Food imbalances
  • Ninety metals
  • Biochemical homeostasis
  • Fears & Emotions
  • Biofield weakness
  • Impact on the environment
  • Implant energies
  • Allopathy

nls bio nls bio

Biofield Balancing Actions:

  • Meta-Therapy, remedies by inverting stress frequencies
  • Homeopathy remedies
  • Bioidentical hormone energies
  • Bach Flower energies
  • Herb Energies
  • Phytotherapy energies
  • Bioresonance balancing
  • Inverting Vaccination frequencies
  • Therapeutic cosmetology
  • Crystal stone therapy
  • Stimulates & energizes
  • Organic preparations
  • Fears & Emotions

Remedy Analysis &/or Balancing

  • Spring Health
  • Nutrilite
  • Tianshi group
  • Trocadero
  • Vision – Program 23
  • Megeric
  • Nutripower
  • INS
  • Glorion
  • Art Life
  • Herbalife
  • Argo
  • Vita Max
  • NSP
  • Dr.Nona
  • Schussler Salts
  • Bioenergetics
  • Vaccine strains
  • Regena therapy
  • Nosodes
  • Metallnosoden
  • Materialnosoden
  • Organpraparate
  • Neuraltherapeutika
  • Lymphmittel
  • Nutricevtics & paraphaemaceuticals
  • Nosoligical forms

nls bio

Alternative Health Evaluations:

  • Zodiac description leaning toward a certain health issues
  • Birth date helps the accuracy of the biofield analysis
  • 500 names of biofield organs and organisms
  • Facial clues of imbalances
  • Tongue clues of imbalances

Main Analysis Functions:

  • Anatomy biofield energies 1 – 6 displayed
  • Red & blue display of hyper & hypo biofield charges
  • Etalon coefficients of biofield pathomorphologies
  • Entropy (disorder) analysis valuations 1 – 7
  • Vegeto test to indicate best coping frequencies/remedies
  • Micro-organism biofield analysis


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