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bioplasma nls


What is bioplasma nls?


Computer non-linear diagnostics V.I. Nestrov

The Non-linear Diagnostic System (NLS)has been extensively used lately and are gaining ever growing popularity. Even in the few cases, where the clinical symptoms look very typical the NLS diagnostics method provides extra information about the extent of the affection and allows to consider a prognosis. In most cases it is of vital importance for diagnostics and subsequently for the right choice of treatment.

In 2000 it was 20 years since Theodore Van Hoven had developed the theory of quantum entropy logic that underlies this method. So non-linear diagnostics appears to be most up-to-date of all methods of the hardware based diagnostics. At any rate, his discovery became a significant landmark in diagnostic medicine.

Non-linear analysis was originally employed in organic chemistry to determine the composition of complex compounds.
Sviatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov who introduce a trigger sensor in 1988 and thus framed the concept is acceptably considered as a originator of NLS-diagnostics devices (metatron) Active work was immediately started to develop and improve the NLS-diagnostics systems. Clinical testing of the early equipment took the period from 1990 through 1995. The late 90s saw a fast growth of commercial production of the device and a sudden surge in the quality of the results produced.

The non-linear diagnostics is still in its developing stage. (2003) The diagnostic techniques are improving so fast, that the system version have to be updated every six months. Due to the introduction of some of new devices equipped with digital trigger sensor, the NLS-diagnostics has become not only far more time-efficient but also quiet different in terms of quality. It is obvious that some runtime techniques, for instance tree-dimensional visualization of investigation results will soon become a daily practice. The negative testing is just an example of a ready implementation. The method is employed so widely that we should rather speak about a definite rang of indication for its use than just about popularisation.

Research centers continue their quest for some new investigation methods based on the non-linear analysis system. So far the result appear to be quiet promising. Unlike NMR and computer tomography, the NLS-analysis does not need strong fields. The method seems to have good prospect for metabolism studies, particularly on a cellular level.

The NLS-method advances along the path not only of technical innovation but also of new application. Some minor surgical operations, biopsy for one, have been long monitored using ultrasound, fluoroscopy or computer tomography. Today we have opportunity to have biopsy monitored by NLS. By the way, many surgeons focus on using this method to assist major surgeries.
The cost of equipment for NLS-diagnostics is still very low as compared to some other hardware-based methods. This is supposed to promote more extensive use of the method in countries with low living standards. Of all methods of hardware-based diagnostics the NLS provides representations most proximate to the pathologicoanatomic picture. This feature of the method along with its harmlessness, promotes rapid development of the NLS-diagnostics.

How it work?

The development of the new generation of non-linear computer scanners (metatrons) making use of multidimensional virtual imaging of the body of interests, had allowed to substantially improve the efficiency of the NLS-method and even expand its fields of application despite the MRT competition. The originally volumetric pattern of scanning is a distinctive feature of the multidimensional NLS imaging. The data thus acquired are an integral array, which facilitates reconstructing multidimensional virtual images of anatomical structures of the body of interest. In this connection the virtual NLS is widely used especially for angiographic investigation with the tree-dimensional reconstruction of vascular formations.

Another promising field of application of the three-dimensional image reconstruction based on the data acquired by means of multidimensional NLS is the study if hollow organs with a “virtual-NLS-scopy” involved. This kind of system was developed by Medintech Company for their high-rate multidimensional Z-series non-linear scanners, and was called Hunter. High resolution maintained during spiral scanning and the use of LAPP system(a system of parallel processor with a powerful computational capability and speed of operation) allows to implement the principal of “virtual-NLS-scopy” on a Voxel Z multimodal DICOM-compatible work station, which is the basic system for imaging and subsequent data processing with Medinatch scanners.
NLs images are made ready for visual analysis by means of the 4D Tissue, an original company-developed method, that allows not only to obtain virtual multidimensional images of anatomical structures but also select of particular biological tissue of interest giving an extra dimension, and additionally visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels at a time.

original software nls health analyzer Metatron NLS health analyzer

original software nls health analyzer Metatron NLS health analyzer

Hunter 4025 analyzer

Hunter 4025 analyzer

A specific feature of representing virtual data by Hunter system is its simultaneous visualization of surfaces of cavatus and extramural formations located outside the lumen of the cavity under examination (e.g. lymph nodes, vessels). The acquired images from the natural sequences of virtual NLS shots, while special navigation programs automatically determine the paths of the “virtual scanner” by center of the cavity under examination. The path of the motion can be chosen by operator using some other settings, which allow to detail the NLS picture by changing the view fields. A raised representation of the cavity surface is also achievable by shaping particular artificially shaded areas. The products sentences of NLS shots can be easily converted into the standard VHS video system, in particular for teleradiology.

The hunter system is primarily designed for case detection of obstructive processes in the upper respiratory passage, bulky esophageal, gastric or colonic formation, atherosclerotic lesions of large vessels, and disorders affecting paranasal sinuses, urinary bladder or spinal canal. The data gather by “virtuall-NLS-scopy” allow to pick out the optimum spot for biopsy and define the extent of the required surgical intervention in good time.

The technique can be used both solely and as a useful linking element between topographic, endoscopy and NLS investigations.  The Medintech’s latest development is a convenient tool for planning interventional procedures monitored by NLS. The Pincers comprises a controlled stereo tactic manipulator (“mar”), a flat gentry-mounted monitor, a cable system and software. The system provides the physician with the means of simulating and performing interventional procedures through an interactive link between the virtual NLS and the real operational field.



The computer-based non-linear analysis (NLS) as a dynamic non-invasive informative method is increasingly used to examine the status of health affected by pathologies of different origin. The NLS can be applied both in vivo ( to acquire an NLS-spectrum of one or another part of any organ or tissue) and in vitro ( to obtain an NLS-spectrum of extracts from tissues, biological fluids or cells); while, rather often both approaches can be combined for a more accurate data interpretation. The usage of NLS at a clinic requires devices production an at least 20-30 mT eddy magnetic field. The proceedings of the latest International Congress of Medical Doctors (200 and 2001), that dealt with new methods of diagnostics give evidence of of a growing number of NLS-investigations used for the diagnostics purposes – the 2000 summit heard 16 presentation ion the subject, while in 2001 there were twice as many.

S.D. Tutin et.al. informed of the possibility to use the NLS to diagnose abscesses in the encephalon. It appears, that at an abscess in the encephalon in the NLS-spectrum, during the biochemical homeostasis evolution some signals from lactate and amino acid are detected, which disappearing the course of treatment. The NLS data in vivo correlated well with the result of abscess sample tests made by means of MRC with the high resolution in vitro.

Using the NLS-method the dynamics of metabolic change in the encephalon when treating epilepsy can be traced. Some data are available, that indicate a possibility to register a decline in oxidative phosphorylation in the lower limbs muscles with constriction of the vessels caused by arteriosclerosis. In the course of treatment the muscles metabolism appears to improve. Another trend in the application of the NLS method is detection of metabolic disturbance of phosphoregic compounds at muscular atrophy related to pathology in the musculoskeletal system. some promising prospects for myocardial infraction diagnosis by means of the NLS method were describe by U.A.Shovkoplyas et. al., who studied the ATP exchange in the myocardium. At the myocardial infraction its level was proven to decrease.


he NLS-analysis method was employed to study the dynamics of change in the metabolism of lipids in the liver affected by cirrhosis. The NLS -investigation of the pancreas affected by malignent degeneration allows diagnosing tumor progression, judge of the efficiency of radiation or chemotherapy and also adjusting individual dosage schemes for inoperable patients.

Moreover, NLS is reported to be used to diagnose CNS disorder, cardiovascular discase, muscular system disorder, prostatic tumor, mammary gland tumors, and in addiction to monitor radiation – and medicinal US therapies. The researches have demonstrated the diagnostic importance of NLS for arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, encelophalomyclitis and vacuities. NLS allows estimating the phase of a pathology and activity of the nidus, determining a relationship between genetic characteristics, clinical symptoms and metabolic deviations in the encephalon. NLS helps to differentiate bengin and malignant tumors in the mammary gland. The studies of abnormal changes in the prostate gland by means of the NLS showed that the method allowed to identify an incipient change in the gland tissue and pick out the appropriate therapy in good time.

K.A.Kvasov et. al, presented some data about diagnosing prostate discases (including histologically confirmed bengin hypertrophy and Aden carcinoma) by combining NLS and dynamic MRT with artificial “Magnevist” contrasting. According to the derived results, this kind of combination allows to define the pattern of the prostate pathology and substantially increase the diagnostic accuracy. In the recent years special attention has been focused on a study of liver metabolism by means of NLS necessitated by a growing number of transplantation of the organs ( in Europe the annual number of liver transplantation is around 200 and in the USA it is 1000) and due to this method’s noninvasive evaluation of the liver function in the course of implantation. The result indicate appropriateness of using the NLS-analysis in this case since the ATP level in the liver mirrors an integrate picture of sell homeostasis. There is a close correlation between the disturbed metabolism of phosphorergic compounds and extend of liver decompensation.

Apart from diagnosing liver disorders in vivo, the NLS allows to judge on the state on the transplanted liver in vitro by acquiring spectral characteristics of the organs metazodes. This is based on a good correlation between the pathology change in the liver but also monitor the biochemical responses to treatment.
Summing up the above it can be concluded that the ever growing use of NLS-analysis in different fields of clinical medicine, including its combination with MRT with contr

Multidimensional Virtual Scanning Metatron Nls 4025 Hunter Body Analyzer

Multidimensional Virtual Scanning Metatron Nls 4025 Hunter Body Analyzer

Faster and Stable Metatron nls 4025 hunter version analyzer for Body Health Analyzer

Faster and Stable Metatron nls 4025 hunter version analyzer for Body Health Analyzer





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