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How does a NLS Health analyzer machine work?

In 1934 Dr Royal Rife discovered that all organisms (in fact all things) have a resonant frequency and if an organism was subjected to its unique resonant frequency, it would explode. Dr Royal Rife started on a path to discover the resonant frequency of the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause most of our diseases. He then went on to invent a machine that could subject the bacteria, viruses and parasites to their resonant frequencies. This machine is commonly known as a Rife machine.
An example of something being destroyed when subjected to its resonant frequency was the collapse of the Broughton suspension bridge that collapsed in 1831 caused by marching soldiers whose footsteps matched exactly the resonant frequency of the bridge. Another example is when an opera singer can shatter a glass using her voice.
Dr Royal Rife (and others) discovered the organisms that are the underlying cause of diseases and the resonant frequency that cause the organisms to be destroyed.
Further research has been carried out by a number of other scientists who have discovered the resonant frequency of many more organisms that are the underlying cause of many of our health issues. Resonant frequencies for over 3,500 diseases have been discovered so far.metatron 4025 metapathia gr clinical


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