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Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale


What is Metatron 4025 Hunter and how does Metatron 4025 Hunter work?

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

The Institute’s research has created a simulant-free investigation system that can track any condition in the human body by altering the fluctuating properties of human tissues. Non-linear analysis system (NLS) is the most advanced information technology available in this century and can be considered as the most outstanding and beneficial achievement of modern natural sciences. The diagnostic equipment is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object. It is very unique and unparalleled in today’s world.

The hardware-software system “Metatron 4025 Hunter”, developed by the Institute of Applied Psychophysics, is capable of generating a predetermined bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, against the background of which it is possible to selectively amplify the undetectable statistical fluctuations, then isolate and decode the information contained therein.

In a way, the Metatron 4025 Hunter system takes the orientation of this radiation to the location of its origin, decodes it and displays it on a computer screen, where a virtual model of the organ is generated in a specific color.

The computer model also provides the physician with a three-dimensional projection of the internal organs. The colored markings on the images make it easier for the physician to identify the site of the pathological process. By comparing the range of marker colors and their arrangement on the computer model of the organ and using the dynamics of change over time, the process of decomposition of these biological structures can be determined and a prognosis can be made. .

In order to define the pathology of an area, it is necessary to study the deeper levels of the organ generated by the computer on the screen until the lesion lesion is localized.

The Institute’s research has succeeded in producing the most efficient device of its kind, capable of automatically adjusting the frequency of the main pulses without the need for human intervention, and of detecting and correcting defects and pathologies in organs and body cells on its own. This is achieved through the combination of different specially modulated magnetic oscillations recorded on a matrix. The basic concept in the development of the device was the assumption that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework capable of responding to external radiation.

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

In 1950, R. Folle discovered and designed a system for electrical testing of human acupuncture points in Germany.

Unlike Folle’s electroporation diagnostic method, which measured the electrical potential of organs and systems by indirectly indicating the condition of the organ (often with considerable error) by its bioactive points (BAPs), the Institute of Practical Psychophysics developed theMetatron 4025 Hunter analysis method to assess the condition of organs directly due to resonant amplification of the radiation signal of the organ under investigation using non-invasive trigger sensors. Each organ and each cell has its own unique oscillations, which are stored in computer memory and can be displayed graphically on the screen, which represents the conditions of information exchange between the organ (tissue) and the environment. Each pathological process has its own unique graph.

The program contains many diagrams of pathological processes and shows all the stages in progress, taking into account age, sex and other variations. After reading the frequency signatures of the biological objects to be studied, the system compares their spectral similarities with healthy or pathologically affected tissues or infected bodies to obtain the closest approximation of the pathological process or trend. In cases where the processes are similar, the virtual diagnostic model allows for differential diagnosis of each process.

Another excellent opportunity provided byMetatron 4025 Hunter analysis is medical testing.

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale
The system provides a unique opportunity to record the frequency fluctuations of any preparation and add them to the thousands of fluctuations already in the database. The system then searches for a drug with the most pathological process spectral profile and selects the most effective one.

Even in very rare cases where clinical symptoms are very typical, theMetatron 4025 Hunter diagnostic method can look at additional information about the amplitude of the defect and determine the prognosis. In most cases, it is of primary importance for rapid prognosis and correct treatment selection.

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

Metatron Nonlinear Analysis Systems (NLS)

The inventor of theMetatron 4025 Hunter diagnostic system (“Metatron 4025 Hunter”) is considered to be the scholar Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who invented the trigger sensor in 1988 and thus found the idea for the system.

Non-linear diagnostic methods are still under development. Improvements in the method were so rapid that the system version was updated every six months. By using the new system in conjunction with the digital trigger sensor,Metatron 4025 Hunter diagnostics became not only faster, but also improved in quality. It is clear that dynamic methods such as 3D visualization of the results will soon be put into practice.

Unlike computed tomography and NMR,Metatron 4025 Hunter analysis does not require a high-intensity field. This approach seems promising for metabolic studies, especially at the cellular level.

TheMetatron 4025 Hunter method has been improved not only by the introduction of new technical inventions, but also by new applications. For a long time, simple surgical procedures such as biopsies were performed with the aid of ultrasound, fluoroscopy and computed tomography. Now, biopsies can also be controlled byMetatron 4025 Hunter.
The cost of anMetatron 4025 Hunter diagnostic system is much lower than that of other hardware diagnostic methods. Compared to other hardware diagnostic methods,Metatron 4025 Hunter allows for the acquisition of images that are closest to the pathological anatomy. This, along with safety, has facilitated the rapid development ofMetatron 4025 Hunter diagnostics.

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

What can Metatron 4025 Hunter do?

1.The green test does no harm to the body.
2.Not only can you see the health status of internal organs, but also can easily understand the health trend in 3-5 years.
3.Quickly detects changes in the body’s 12 system tissues and can compare relevant ranges, up to 300 scans at the speed of light with 100,000 scanning points to ensure accuracy.
4. Quickly help users to know the function of specific organs in advance.
5. test data on the efficacy of everyday food or health food.
6. to provide a professional image of the teaching materials to train the expertise of practitioners.
7. provide basis tracking for the sale of health food products.
8. can provide consumers with personalized health professional data recovery plans.
9. can provide consumers with daily healthy diet guidance.

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

What is Metatron 4025 Hunter system accuracy?

Comparison of NLS Diagnostics with other methodologies

NLS diagnosis: 64%, 4%
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: 23, 4%
Photography: 14, 8%
Ultrasound: 13, 9%

Average diagnostic accuracy by comparing the results of clinical studies in five areas: gastroenterology, pulmonology, gynecology, and endocrinology.


Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

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Who can use Metatron 4025 Hunter?

1. Family doctors

2. Clinics and medical institutions

3. Schools with educational facilities

4. Nursing homes

5. Sports, recreational facilities

6. Spa and beauty centres

7. Health food direct salesman

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale


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