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metatron 8d nls Glossary terms for old users


metatron 8d nls

What metatron 8d nls Accuracy of researches?

What metatron 8d nls Accuracy of researches?

Anatomical structure 85-98%
Histological models 85-90%
Genetic and chromosomal models 80-90%

metatron 8d nls

What can test the metatron 8d nls?

What can test the metatron 8d nls?


Developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, the metatron 8d nls rough diagnostic medical device boasts world class software, capable of scanning a patient without harmful effects, producing valuable information within a matter of minutes. metatron 8d nls’s accuracy in finding acute and chronic processes, as well as predispositions towards certain illnesses, is an outstanding 79.9%. It is the world’s smallest and portable computerized medical diagnostic device, with enormous applications and extensive database, making it able to be used anywhere!

metatron 8d nls make it possible to examine all body systems without exceptions in a single session:


Nervous System


Cardiovascular System


Digestive System


Musculoskeletal System


Respiratory System


Endocrine System


Urinary System


Reproductive System


metatron 8d nls

metatron 8d nls vs MRI VS CT

metatron 8d nls vs MRI VS CT

The knowledge of this metatron 8d nls device can be compared to the knowledge of MRI and CT.

ATTENTION!!! – the purchase price of MRI is approx. HUF 300 million.

On the left side, the MRI image is displayed, on the right is the metatron 8d nls image representation.

Bioresonance scanners can be used to measure the vibration and distortion of qvantum energy vibration of the patient’s biology to determine what frequency spectrum energy is needed to restore biophoton communication, optimum cell energy levels, and the balance of other components.

Based on the resonant frequencies, you can measure the vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, Minerals, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese Methionine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine, Histidine, Arginine Amines, Heavy Metals, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, Fluoride, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Chromium, Arsenic, Antimony, Tallium, and other toxic substances. Measures Medicine, Alcohol, Dust, Smoke, Paint, Hair Color, Animal Hair, Metal, Sea Fish Meals, Milk, Allergy Sensitivity.

Results can be saved in printable tables by sending emails or printing out.

The metatron 8d nls Bioresonance Scanners technology incorporates this Frequency Therapy feature. 5718 can radiate spectral etalon frequencies, the organization using Frequency Therapy.

Based on the analysis of the instrument, every symptom can be recognized in time, and with Biofoton frequency therapy it is possible to remedy any changes.

metatron 8d nls

What working principle about metatron 8d nls?

What working principle about metatron 8d nls?

UMF Bucharest-Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) in Omsk, Russia through official representative in Romania, QUANTUM LIFE Company LLC
Research Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) from Omsk have created a system of investigation, with no analogue in the world, called metatron 8d nls, which allows tracking of any conditions of the human body through the changes specific to any vibrations in the body tissue. Nonlineara Analysis System (NLS) is the most advanced information engineering of this century and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous implementation of modern natural science. metatron 8d nls diagnostic system is based on the spectral analysis of magnetic field of any biological topic. This is unique and without comparison in the world today.

Device metatron 8d nls developed by PPI allows the production of a specific neurons cerebrali bioelectrical activity, which makes it possible to selectively amplify signals hard detectable statistical fluctuations, as, isolation and decoding the information which they contain. Thus the device metatron 8d nls takes the “pulse” of this radiation right in place of issue to decode and display on a computer monitor where there is a virtual model of the organ represented in specific colors. Also, the software gives doctors Metapathia models a three-dimensional projection of the internal organs. The marked points through color, located on the drawing, the more precise help of pathological process. It is possible to interpret the decay process of biological structures and establish a prognosis by comparing the distribution of colored points on virtual body scan model, following the dynamics of changes over a period of time.

To be able to define pathology in a certain area, it is necessary for the investigation of deep levels until the outbreak of the disease is localized.

The fundamental principle in the development of the diagnostic system metatron 8d nls was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic informational printing which is able to respond to external stimuli to electromagnets.

metatron 8d nls

What is Spectral Analysis?

What is Spectral Analysis?

The Science behind metatron 8d nls Spectral Analysis
Clinical analysis: Analyzing metals in biological fluids and tissues such as whole blood, plasma, urine, saliva, brain tissue, liver, muscle tissue, semen Pharmaceuticals: In some pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, minute quantities of a catalyst that remain in the final drug product,Water analysis: Analyzing water for its metal content.Spectroscopy is often used in physical and analytical chemistry for the identification of substances.A device for recording a spectrum is a spectrometer. Spectrometry can be classified according to the physical quantity which is measured or calculated.Spectroscopy is also heavily used in astronomy. Most large telescopes have spectrographs, which are used to measure the chemical composition and physical properties of astronomical objects. ​A recorded spectrum of a person-The intensity of emitted electromagnetic waves and the amount of absorbed electromagnetic waves are studied by electromagnetic spectroscopy. Kinetic energy of particles is studied by electron energy loss spectroscopy.The mass-to-charge ratios of molecules and atoms are studied in mass spectrometry, sometimes called mass spectroscopy. Mass spectrometry is a measuring technique and can produce a spectrum of masses, a mass spectrum, similar in appearance to other spectroscopy techniques.metatron 8d nls Spectrograph-The metatron 8d nls Spectrograph is a powerful tool to determine the most important information of the Body.

metatron 8d nls


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