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Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics


What is the history of the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

In 1950, River. Voll had already discovered and developed a system for testing electrical acupuncture points in the body. The NLS diagnostic system Metatron can assess the energetic potential of organs and systems that use bioactive points (BAPs) ( (indirectly indicating organ status (often with considerable error)) diagnostic methods, whereas the use of the electronically punctured Voll method allows for a Diagnostics, using non-invasive sensor triggers, study the condition of organs directly through oscillations amplified by body resonance. Each organ and cell has its own unique oscillations recorded in your computer’s memory and can be linked by representing the organ (tissue) with the A chart of information exchange terms between environments is displayed on the monitor screen.

Any pathological procedure or chart has its own unique features.

The abnormal response program contains many graphs, pathological processes, and all progressive stages, depending on age, sex, and other considerations of change.

After reading the frequent features of the biological object under test, the system compares its spectral similarity to healthy or pathological tissue to obtain a The closest pathological process or susceptibility. If the process resembles a model of virtual diagnosis, it allows for significant differences based on pathological diagnosis. Another excellent opportunity provided by NLS analysis is drug testing. The diagnostic system provides a unique opportunity for any prepared Metatron aligned frequency oscillations to be added to the database among the thousands of oscillations already present in the system. The system then searches for Metatron therapies that have the closest spectral characteristics to the pathological process in order to select the most effective therapy. Even in cases where typical clinical symptoms are rare, the NLS diagnostic approach gives you access to additional information about the severity of the defect. information, thereby providing a better prognosis. In most cases, the NLS method allows us to determine the prognosis of timely and correct treatment options.

The inventor of the NLS diagnostic system is credited with the scholar Svyatoslav Pavlovich NESTEROV, who invented the trigger sensor in 1988. The NLS diagnostic methods are still under development. Improvements to these methods are so rapid that system versions are updated every six months. This means that accuracy and speed can be increased by using new systems. It is clear that dynamic methods such as 3D visualization of study results will soon be implemented. The difference compared to CT and MRI is that the analysis of NLS does not require a high intensity field. The method is very useful in metabolic studies, especially at the cellular level.

NLS methods can also be used in practical applications. Simple procedures, such as biopsies, are performed with the help of long-term

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

How does Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics work?

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics System – According to Prof. Sviatoslav P. Nesterov, any Diseases can be represented as deviations from the harmonic oscillations in the regulation of biological objects. and system’s most unique tool without the need for medical or surgical intervention. Developed by Russian scientists in the early 1990s, Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics is the most revolutionary computer programming tool in the world today. inventions for the analysis and treatment of all organs and functions of the human body.

(1) This is all NLS Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics Analytical and Quantum Medicine Systems (including the Metavital System) Foundation. It is not about mysticism, but about physics and technology. The development of quantum physics/quantum medicine used in the Metavital Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics system and the modern computer’s High computer power makes it possible to determine the conditions corresponding to a certain degree of entropy in biological objects. Compare these with the spectrum of many computer entropy states for other topics.

(2) It appears that various factors (diet, stress, environment) transform the initial harmonic vibrations in biological objects into dissonant vibrations . The more pronounced the deviation from the harmonic state, the more pronounced the pathological process and the greater the deviation from the optimal functional state. By measuring the existing vibrations, the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics technology can be applied via photo-triggered sensors (headphones) using the oscillations required for regulation. Moreover, since conventional medicine mainly works, the connection between quantum physics, quantum medicine and Western medicine is very difficult. According to the traditional causal principle, information technologies based on modern quantum physics have first of all a probabilistic character.
The data obtained in this way correspond very well to conventional methods (e.g. ultrasound, CT or MRI).

(3) Thus, the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics is a serious science and technology, not esoteric. The Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics will not replace established diagnostic devices, but will complement them in certain areas.
The device can be “seen” with the body’s eyes – it can indicate where the body is “struggling” and where there are problems. Two people react differently to different kinds of stress, such as the flu virus. Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics does not evaluate absolute measurements, but analyzes the situation accordingly and suggests to the therapist that he can be used for diagnostic and treatment purposes. The basis of treatment. The uniqueness and tremendous advantages in this personalized diagnosis and treatment. Once again, to be clear: It is not the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics device that provides the diagnosis or treatment, but the doctor and the therapist. The Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics device is only a diagnostic tool. The decision that further steps must be taken is always taken by the therapist, who usually uses further analytical methods. This is healthcare, not mysticism.

The levels and characteristics of pathology are detected by disturbances in the flow of communication between cells and the integration of the various organs of the body. Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics offers four different spectral views of these features.

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics
The Vitality View

Displays a set of equidistant dipoles that represent the energy state of the organ at each measurement point. The energy map represents a snapshot of the organ at the time of the measurement.
Equilibrium Spectrum

It represents the dynamic regulatory properties of the organ. It focuses on the long-term disease of the organism and can distinguish between acute and chronic processes.

Entropy spectrum

Shows the expression levels and kinetics of the disease.

NLS Spectrum

Used only for oncology to help characterize the kinetics of the cancer process.

Overview of information using NLS analysis

Organ repair

biochemical steady state

pathological morphology


Microbes and worms


homeopathy (alternative medicine)


Nutritional and complementary medicines


Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics functions, features, perform the following analysis

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics Key Features.

From organs, tissues, cells into chromosomes, in-depth analysis of the problem and rapid discovery of 450 human tissue changes.
With the latest database, the results are more accurate than 90%.
Combined with the physician’s clinical experience and other tests cross-analysis, can effectively improve the significance of clinical diagnosis.
Inspectors of general health of the rapid collection of data, has a high value of academic research.
The testing process is fast, safe, non-radiological and non-invasive.
Early detection of structural and functional changes in tissues can be detected in the early signs of disease.
With the help of X-ray detection, ultrasound, CT and MRI it is usually not possible to compare the values.
Only integrated spectroscopy, quantum resonance analysis and three audio techniques are available.
The relationship between organs, pathogens and diseases can be visualised “from the inside”.
If the tests on food, drugs and health foods are really effective, avoid eating them blindly.
Provides personalized anti-advice, truly advanced health management to achieve a long and healthy life.

The Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics performs the following analyses.

Disease pathology and tissue damage analysis (pathophysiology).
It is possible to understand what disease or condition is currently causing or has caused tissue damage.
Analysis of viral and bacterial and parasitic injuries and activities (microorganisms and worms).
Can understand whether the current cause of tissue destruction is a virus, bacteria or parasite, and can analyze the current status of microbial activity in vivo; can also assess organs, which are currently relatively self-protective and the state of immune function.
Allergen analysis (Allergens).
Learn about cellular or genetic tissues in which components (from food, dietary products, or chemicals) are more sensitive to frequency response.
4: Food or nutritional analysis of benefits and discomforts (food) (nutritional and complementary medicine): understand whether foods that are beneficial to parts of the body’s cells and genetic organization are appropriate or inappropriate.
5: Applicable medicines and condition analysis (homoeopathy) (phytotherapy) (homeopathy).
It is possible to understand both the injury to the tissue, what drug component is currently the most appropriate treatment, and which disease or condition is currently causing the injury relative to the tissue.
6: Conditions for tissue biochemical equilibrium analysis (biochemical steady state).
It is possible to understand the cellular area of the tissue, the level of the current state of biochemical reactions in order to understand the pathological condition of the area; it is also possible to select recommended biochemical tests.
7: Analysis of the extent of cellular damage to organs or tissues (organic preparation).
It is possible to understand the cellular areas of the tissue that are currently either initially functionally impaired or have reached a level of structural damage (i.e. already detectable by IE ultrasound, MRI or CT).

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics Key Features.

There are more than a dozen classifications of human organs, with over 450 scan sites to choose from.
Shows current changes in body structure and function and the extent of injury.
Current understanding of which diseases or susceptibilities may be causing tissue damage.
Thermodynamic analysis shows current changes in body structure and function as well as the extent of injury.
It is possible to understand the current caused by tissue damage, whether the injury is viral, bacterial or parasitic, and to analyze the current state of in vivo activity of microorganisms.
Allergens can be understood in cellular or genetic analysis of tissues that are composed of tissues with greater sensitivity to frequency response.
Tissue cell injury can be understood in which the most appropriate drug or health food ingredient is present.

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Aparat 17 D Metatron 4025 Pret
Energy recovery, energy replication frequency fine-tuning, etc.

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

How do I read the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics 6 Color Test Report?

The signals are entered into the database for matching and then displayed in the following different cases

1 – Normal.
2 – Standard conditions
3 – Restricted status
4 – Severe disease states
5 – weak state
6 – Anomalies
(Sub-health status)

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Why Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics?

UNIQUE-METATRON is the world’s first clinically validated medical rough diagnostic device. It is content-rich, portable, user-friendly and safe.

Accurate – After comprehensive clinical trials, METATRON has proven its effectiveness in the detection of acute and chronic processes and in the diagnosis of certain diseases that affect it. The accuracy in terms of disease susceptibility of the organism is as high as 79.9%.

3. Usability – A straightforward user interface allows the METATRON to be understood and evaluated in just a few minutes of examination. patient’s health status. This increases the number of patients a doctor can see and reduces patient wait times. There is no longer a need to spend a lot of time on guess work and endless tests to find out what a patient may or may not have.

Various data received – In addition to determining the current condition of the organs and their level of function, METATRON also elicits Viruses, allergens, infections, parasites and micronutrients that can give a rough indication of some future health predictions and make recommendations and suggestions . Remedies for the treatment of identified diseases.

METATRON has proven its effectiveness and relevance in a variety of fields; hospitals, clinics. Retreats and sports centers. METATRON is used all over the world and is available in many languages. You will wonder how you would practice without it.

The Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics has been used; western medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, psychology, psychiatry, sports medicine. Fitness consultants, health spas and clinics, homeopathic clinics, holistic clinics, and rehabilitation centers. The applications for the Metatron crude diagnostic system are endless, which is why the system is quickly becoming a popular tool for those seeking upgrades and A necessary companion for future proof practitioners of their respective clinics.

At the request of the Government of Kenya, using the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics with Nesterov of Kenya as a member of the Massai tribe.

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Where do you need Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics?

Anyone interested in quickly and efficiently examining the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees can use the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics. accurate analysis is what drives our company, no matter who you are or what you do, it will start with you starting with the Fully informed in the information collected by the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics device, everyone working with you will be well informed as well.
Keep in mind that information is collected at the cellular level, and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.
People who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised, and benefit from using and owning the Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics biofeedback device.

Family doctor-The device can detect and monitor the expression of genetic diseases in all family members

Clinical and medical units – Significantly improved efficiency of clinical examinations and initial admissions. Significant reduction in financial costs and time. Physicians are freed from routine and frequent formal work. No need to refer your clients to other specialists, you can treat and rehabilitate them by examining all their concerns and providing treatment and rehabilitation methods. Provide assistance.

Educational facilities and schools – The ability to be a true continuous monitor of the health of all children and staff, and to assess the health status of students no less than once a month.

Sports, recreation centers, and fitness facilities-Objective medical monitoring is required when performing strenuous exercise. This device allows us to create individual programs considering the characteristics of the organism.

Family and Friends – The Zuma-Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics is a great tool for monitoring the health of family and friends. Provides a way to examine, treat and rehabilitate without having to spend a lot of money on healthcare services.

Cosmetic and spa salons-focused on the client’s health-are a very competitive ace in the hole. An objective assessment of the client allows for the selection of a personalized cosmetic plan with measurable results.

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics

Metatron Bioresonance nls Health Diagnostics



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