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metatron nls bioresonance


What is Metatron nls bioresonance?

metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance

Metatron nls Bioresonance machien is a database analysis system for pathomorphology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, organ preparation, nutraceutical and clinical medicine.
main function
1. Human detection function
Detectable systemic 12 systems, hundreds of organs, glands, cells … The predictive report of thousands of diseases, the entire body list of 120,000 ensures accurate detection. Clients can see trends in their current and past organ health and tissue cell viability for the next 3 to 5 years.

2. Item (commodity) analysis function
It is possible to analyze whether food, health care products and other items have an effect or damage to the human organism, so as to mediate a balanced state of life.

3. Maintenance handling function
It has an energy spectrum of repair and restorative functions, up to the early stages of the disease or before its formation, and is particularly useful as an adjunctive therapy for pain point repair.
Over 5000 tests of spectral standards

metatron nls bioresonance

Metatron NLS Bioresonanz


B # Biochemical homeostasis

C # Pathological Morphology

D # Allergen

E. Microbiology and health

F# Homoeopathy

G # Homeopathy

H # Physiotherapy

I. Health food and pharmaceutical preparations

J # Food

K # Osteopathic treatment

L # trace elements

M # Therapeutic Beauty

N # Bach Flower.

O # Bach Flower Extract

S7 SAHARARA meridian: VC + VG

S6 AJNA meridians: MC + TR

S5 VISHUDHA meridian: P + GI + Sk + Sd

S4 ANAHATA meridians: C + IG

S3 MANIPURA meridians: F + VB + Fd + Advertising

S2 SVADHISTHANA meridians: R + V + Al + Ly

S1 MULADHARA meridian: RP + E

Mineral indicators

vitamin (loanword)

Vitamins and vitamin-like substances

SANUM: vitamin, antioxidant, minimum level

Vitamins and vitamin-like substances

vitamin schedule

Homoeopathy (vitamins and minerals)

Total supplements (vitamins and minerals)

Common vitamins and trace elements


emotional matrix

Homoeopathy (vitamins and purenelemente)


metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance

How does Metatron nls bioresonance work?

Every organ, tissue and cell in our body has a different frequency, which is made possible by the rotation of atoms within the cell. When instructions are sent from the brain to the body, they use the spinal cord to send them through nerves and other molecular aids. As long as the connection between the brain and the spine is intact, the biofeedback system can use the brain to listen and get information. The bioelectrical activity of brain neurons is amplified so that signals that cannot actually be detected by statistical fluctuations can not only be detected, but also isolated and decoded, due to the biofeedback system.

Good biofeedback systems, such as Metatron nls Bioresonance, can track changes in pathology and infection by observing the characteristics of these wavelengths and changes in human tissues and cells. The use of frequency analysis is based on incredible discoveries in the natural sciences, which allow us to analyze the magnetic vortex of any living object. Biofeedback is designed not only to help people in pain, but also to enable people to identify a specific biological problem and thus address that problem through natural biofeedback.

Biofeedback scanning of organs and tissues is not the entire function of modern biofeedback system design. The same theory proved by natural scientists also applies to treatment. Again using brain neurons for biofeedback therapy. It is possible to reverse the frequencies detected by the system and send them back to balance the problems and restore them to health. I can’t believe it! That’s how biofeedback works and it’s available to everyone! Everyone with an enlightened mind realizes that additional information is beneficial and is improving with the broad development of science.

It’s easy to stay away from things that sound so strange and too good to be true or just scary! Unfortunately, many people don’t give biofeedback a chance until after they’ve tried everything else and spent all their money on various medical experiments and drugs. Still, it’s not too late even for them. Biofeedback is patient, effective and, most importantly, dedicated to helping people regain control of their bodies and their bodies. Devices realized through natural science do not negatively affect the body, and there are enough ways to do that in the word. Biofeedback systems are scarce because they represent a huge problem for the healthcare industry, but are a preventative jewel of a lifetime for users and practitioners.

Metatron nls bioresonance is a pathomorphology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, organ preparation, nutritional drugs and clinical medicine database analysis system. Bioresonance or NLS diagnosis is designed to use computers and special programs to obtain information about your health condition. Data about the objective state of human tissues, cells, chromosomes and even hormones are transmitted in a realistic way and immediately decoded in the form of specific diagnoses and recommendations.

metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance

Who can use Metatron nls bioresonance?

1. Family doctors

2. Clinics and medical institutions

3. Educational facilities schools

4. Nursing homes

5. Sports, recreational facilities

6. Spa and beauty centres

7. Health food direct salesman

metatron nls bioresonance metatron nls bioresonance

How to get the Metatron nls bioresonance Price?

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metatron nls bioresonance


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