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metatron 4025 hunter

Whatmetatron 4025 huntercanmetatron 4025 huntertherapymetatron 4025 hunterBiometatron 4025 hunterresonance?

Whatmetatron 4025 huntercanmetatron 4025 huntertherapymetatron 4025 hunterBiometatron 4025 hunterresonance?

Acutemetatron 4025 hunterInfectiousmetatron 4025 hunterDiseases
Bronchialmetatron 4025 hunterAsthma
Autoimmunemetatron 4025 hunterDiseases
Degenerativemetatron 4025 hunterOrganicmetatron 4025 hunterDiseases
Rheumaticmetatron 4025 hunterDiseases
Gynecologicalmetatron 4025 hunterDisordersmetatron 4025 huntersuchmetatron 4025 hunteras:

-metatron 4025 hunterPainfulmetatron 4025 hunterMenstruation
-metatron 4025 hunterHormonalmetatron 4025 hunterImbalance
-metatron 4025 hunterPre-natalmetatron 4025 hunterTreatment

Immunodeficiencymetatron 4025 hunterofmetatron 4025 huntervariedmetatron 4025 hunterorigin
Post-Vaccinemetatron 4025 hunterComplications
Intoxicationmetatron 4025 hunterandmetatron 4025 hunterToxicmetatron 4025 hunterStress
Headachemetatron 4025 hunterandmetatron 4025 hunterMigraine
Mycoticmetatron 4025 hunterandmetatron 4025 hunterParasiticmetatron 4025 hunterDisorders
Allmetatron 4025 hunterTypesmetatron 4025 hunterofmetatron 4025 hunterPain
Neurodermatitismetatron 4025 hunterandmetatron 4025 hunterEczema
Sportsmetatron 4025 hunterInjuries
Metabolicmetatron 4025 hunterDiseases
Premetatron 4025 hunterandmetatron 4025 hunterPostoperativemetatron 4025 hunterTreatment(s)
Secondarymetatron 4025 hunterViralmetatron 4025 hunterDisorders
Urologicalmetatron 4025 hunterDisorders

metatron 4025 hunter

How does metatron 4025 hunter work?

How does metatron 4025 hunter work?

metatron 4025 hunter Systems-According to Professor Sviatoslav P. Nesterov, any disease can be represented as a deviation from the harmonic oscillation in regulatory processes in the biological object.The OBERON provides the most unique tool for scanning the various organs and systems of the physical body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion. Developed by Russian s cientists since the early 1990’s, the OBERON is the most revolutionary computer programmed invention available in the world today for analyzing and treating all the body’s organs and functions.

(1) This is the basis of all NLS metatron 4025 hunter analysis and quantum medicine systems, including those of Metavital. It is not about esotericism but about physics and technology. The development of quantum physics / quantum medicine and the high computer capacities of modern computers, as used in the Metavital metatron 4025 hunter System, make it possible to identify the conditions that correspond to a certain degree of entropy of the bioobject). These are compared to the spectrum of many computer entropy states of other subjects.

(2) It seems that various influences (diet, stress, stress, environment) transform the originally harmonious vibrations in bio-objects into disharmonious ones. The more pronounced the deviation from the harmonic state, the more pronounced is the pathological process and the greater the deviation from the optimal functional state. By measuring the existing vibration, the oscillation needed for regulation can be applied with the metatron 4025 hunter technology via the optoelectronic trigger sensors (headphones) Among other things, the connection between quantum physics, quantum medicine and Western medicine is difficult, because conventional medicine works predominantly with the traditional cause-and-effect principle, while information technology based on modern quantum physics is characterized above all by probabilities.
The data obtained in this way are in good agreement with conventional methods such as ultrasound, CT, or MRI.

(3) Thus, the metatron 4025 hunter of Metavital is a serious scientific technology, not esotericism. metatron 4025 hunter does not replace the established diagnostic devices, but supplements them in certain areas.
The device “sees” with the eyes of the body – it gives indications where the body “struggles” and has problems with it. Two different people respond to different stresses, such as an influenza virus, varying degrees. metatron 4025 hunter does not evaluate absolute measurement data, but analyzes the respective situation and gives the therapist hints that he can use as the basis for his diagnosis and therapy. In this individualization of diagnosis and therapy is its peculiarity and the big advantage. To put it clearly again: not the metatron 4025 hunter device provides diagnoses or therapies, but the doctor and therapist. The metatron 4025 hunter device is only a tool for diagnosis. The decision as to which further measures must be taken is always made by the therapist, who as a rule uses further analysis methods. This is medical care and not esotericism.

The level and characteristic of pathology is detected by a disturbance in the communication flow between the cells and the integrated relations between various organs of the body. metatron 4025 hunter offers four different spectral views on these characterizations.
The Energetic View

Displays a set of equidistant dipoles that represent an organ’s energy state at individual points of measurement. The Energetic View represents a snapshot of an organ at the time point of measurement.
The Equilibrium Spectrum

Represents the dynamic regulatory characteristics of an organ. It focuses on long-term disorders in the organism and allows distinguishing acute from chronic processes.

The Entropy Spectrum

Shows the level of expression and the kinetics of a disease.

The NLS Spectrum

Utilized exclusively for oncology and helps to characterize the dynamics of carcinoma processes.

Overview of Information analyzed with the NLS


Biochemical Homeostasis



Microorganisms and Helminths




Nutriceuticals and Parapharmaceuticals


metatron 4025 hunter

What is metatron nls Correcting actions?

What is metatron nls Correcting actions?
Preparation making

metatron 4025 hunter

Who need use the metatron 4025 hunter?

Who need use the metatron 4025 hunter?

Doctors and medical practitioners
Sanatorium resorts
Fitness centers and spas
Medical Clinics
Oriental Medicine Centers
Sports Medicine Specialists
Diagnostic rooms
Scientific research centers
Distributors of phytopreparations and dietary supplements

metatron 4025 hunter


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