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NLS biofeedback – bioresonance system


Metatron 4025 Hunter For Sale

The Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls biofeedback – bioresonance NLS (non-linear system) provides the therapist with the Ning the various organs and systems of the physical body, without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion. As a preventive tool the Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls is unique in that it can detect a problem before there are any physical symptoms, and with the Meta Therapy the process can be reversed and illness prevented. Even with cancer if detected early enough.

The Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls transfers the frequencies of a healthy organ to the client, thereby stimulating the body’s immune system to heal, which the body is programmed to do. There is nothing new about this concept, it has been around for eons, going back to the ancient acupuncture system, and more recently with the Tesla coils and the Rife frequencies. With the advent of the modern computers the Russian scientists were able to create a computer Biofeedback-Bioresonance program to stimulate the healing process. On the computer screen the client can see this transformation happening.


So how does it work?

It works by sending an infra-red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain via specially designed headphones. The principle is based on the fact that every cell tissue and organ have its own unique frequency pattern that varies as it experiences a load or stress. The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is. We can direct the Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls to investigate the unique frequency of say the tissue of the right lung, given that the Bio-fields of both brain and lung tissue, (as with all parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other.

With an acute problem one single therapy session is often all that is needed. With a chronic condition it may require several sessions over a period of time. The device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level

It compares the measurements to a database of thousands of reference diagnoses and conditions. Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls uses special headphones for the cell communication, and it uses special readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals. Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls Biofeedback finds out how strained an organ is, if there are any diseases developing, how much the cells are influenced by a specific disease, and which micro-organisms are in the area. Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls is the most important tool we have for analysing an organ’s stress level and dysfunction.

The Maikong metratron hunter 4025 nls NLS Device is cutting edge Information Technology for testing:

* Cholesterol * Blood * Hormones

* Organs * Allergies

* Pathogens ( virus, bacteria, parasites)

* Physiology * Bones * Brain

* Nerves * Endocrine System * DNA

* Lymphatic System


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