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NLS Biologia all info you need know


What is nls biologia?

The Metatron is composed of an interface, helmet and a resonance chamber.
It is operated through a computer and a software.
The software contains all frequencies of the organs and other parts of the body and allows to make comparisons and

nls biologia DIAGNOSTICS NLS

The stability of that scanned signal is picked up by resonance detectors mounted in the headphones that the person is wearing which then feed the information back into the nls biologia software/hardware interface. That information is immediately compared with thousands of stored patterns in the database. The results are super imposed on an anatomical photo or image of the area being scanned. This provides an energetic representation of the condition of the area being evaluated. There are six possible representations of the scanned object or area shown with coloured numbered icons.

nls biologia diagnostics show the different defects and pathological changes in human organs and tissues. The method is based on an analysis of the brain stems electromagnetic waves which contain the complete information of the entire organism. aser. A frequency transmitter aimed at the projection area of the brain stem stimulates this electromagnetic radiation.

nls biologia first and foremost measures where in the body there is any weakness or disease. The frequency of several thousand healthy and sick organs and tissues have been measured for several years by the Russian researchers, and these make the basis of comparisons for the measurements. If the patient’s frequencies in an organ or tissue are near the average of a healthy organ or tissue it is considered normal. The greater the difference is, the sicker the organ or tissue. Should the patient’s results coincide with the average frequency of an organ with a specific illness will one, in addition, know which specific illness that patient has. All the measurements are done with respect to age and sex, so that the results may be as correct as possible.

For acute problems one treatment session is often sufficient to eliminate the problem.
For chromic issues several sessions may be necessary.

An effective correction can be made of the disturbed balance within the body by loading the organ frequencies into water, alcohol or pills or cream. The remedies will work in the manner of a Mora or Bicom therapy, converting the disharmonies frequencies into harmonious frequencies

The frequencies of numerous Homeopathic remedies stored in the computer can also be loaded into water, alcohol, pills or cream.

Remedies not in the computer can be tested for their effectiveness.
Virtual information test of nutritional supplements.

nls biologia can also measure the microflora in different organs. The electromagnetic frequency of known bacteria, parasites etc are stored in the software. One searches for these frequencies in different organs, and thus one can find out which microflora is in each organ. In the same way one can also measure the effect of several hundred pharmaceuticals from the database, to be able to find out which preparation is most effective for the specific problem.

Infected foot
A scan of the blood identified the cause of this foot infection to be the Bacteria Pseudomona.
That was done in less than 60 seconds
This was later confirmed by a laboratory test.
That needed 5 days
The nls biologia also identified the remedy which cleared up the problem.
The remedy originally suggested was not only ineffective, but the patient was allergic to it.

The nls biologia equipment is quite unique and has no similarity in the world. It is based on the spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields of biological organisms. Numerous experiments confirm a close relationship between vortex magnetic fields and biological systems. These fields act as intracellular interaction through information transfer.

The nls biologia can scan and treat every part of the body, including: heart and circulation system, lungs, stomach and intestines, the reproductive system, the skeletal bones, muscles, the endocrine system, sight and hearing, the brain, the nerve system, thyroid, adrenals, hypofysus, pancreas, thymus, the lymph system, blood, the spinal cord, chromosomes etc.

nls biologia gives no side-effects, and has many important advantages compared to traditional diagnostic methods. One of the most important advantages is that one finds out if an organ is weak and has reduced function, even if there is no other indication of disease. No other machine can find problems and weaknesses as easy and as early in the disease progression cycle.How do biological systems recognize and isolate the necessary information from the background noise and in what manner do intracellular communications take place?
The research on energy fields around plants and animals has concluded that there exists an extremely weak low frequency vortex magnetic field around biological systems.
People have known from long time back these phenomena found in the Yajur – Veda and traditional Chinese medicine.

The principles of the Theory of quantum entropy logic give justification to claim that a biological organ with pathology have an unstable (meta stable) state and nls biologia functions according to the principle of amplification of the initiating signal with the disintegration of meta stable systems involved.

The nls biologia is a system of electronic oscillators resonating at the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, whose energy is equivalent to the energy breaking down the dominant bonds that maintain the structural organization of the organism under investigation. The magnetic field of the molecular currents, affected by external fields, lose their initial orientation, which causes misalignment of the spin structures of de localized electrons of admixture center of cortex neurons; that, in turn, gives rise to their unstable meta stable state whose disintegration acts as an amplifier of the signal. nls biologia produce a preset bio electrical activity of brain neurons. With this it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals hardly detectable in the back ground noise and to isolate and decode the information they contain.nls biologia analysingnls biologia detect the origin of this radiation, decodes and displays it in colours on the computer screen where a graphic model of the organ is shown. Following the rules of quantum chromo kinetics, we represent entropy values of any organ as spectrum colours that will change from light yellow (minimum entropy values), through orange to red and purple, nearly Black (maximum entropy values).

It is possible to single out a number of stationary states corresponding to a certain entropy potential and to selectively interact with the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Colour marks that are placed upon the organ picture make it possible for the physician to determine the site of a pathological process. By comparing the range of colours of the marks and their arrangement on the organ one can judge how the processes of disintegration of biological structures go on and thereby make a health prognoses. In order to define a pathology area of the organ there is a mean to localize a pathology nidus.All-in-one diagnostic device of causes and targeted therapy.
The top bio-energetic system in the field of functional diagnosis and therapy.

The device is an enrichment for any alternative medicine user, who would like to offer something special to themselves and to their patients. Medical doctors, naturopaths, therapists and patients are enthused in discovering the causes of unknown disorders and the targeted therapy to be applied.

Users refer that nls biologia is comparable to expensive devices such as ETASCAN or META-SCAN in searching the cause of disorders. The security of striking the target in the analysis is the result of a close cooperation between scientists, engineers and clinical application. It is this cooperation that makes this device successful. nls biologia is a bio-energetic therapy device already in use world wide.The nls biologia is also compatible with Apple Mac computers running a PC emulator.nls biologia does not provide specific medical advice, and is not engaged in providing medical and professional services. Use of nls biologia does not replace medical consultations with a qualified health or medical professional to meet health and medical needs.

How to use nls biologia?


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