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The Complete Guide to Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter


What is the Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter System?

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter

NLS produces mimic-free research equipment that can track any state of a biological object based on the fluctuating characteristics of human tissue, individual cells, chromosomes or even individual ferments and hormones.

The Nonlinear Analysis System (NLS) was the most advanced information technology at the beginning of this century and can now be considered the most outstanding and beneficial achievement of modern natural science.

An indication/diagnostic device based on the analysis of the vortex magnetic field spectrum of biological organisms is unique. Numerous experiments conducted at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics have confirmed the strong link between vortex magnetic fields and the biological systems in which these fields are used. As a means of interactions inside and outside the cell. Vortex magnetic fields play an important role in information transfer and interaction with biological systems.

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter


What tests can be performed on Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter devices?

Complex analysis of all organs and systems of the human body.

1. Cardiovascular system

2. Gastrointestinal tract

3. Genitourinary system

4. Musculoskeletal system

5, Bronchopulmonary system

6, Endocrine system

7, Vision and hearing aids/organs

8, Nervous system

9, No interference with blood biochemical analysis.

10. Infections in organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worm infections, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardia, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, etc.)

11, Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

12. Immunity

13, Allergy diagnosis (up to 500 allergens detected)

14, Medical examination (individual medication)

15, Chromosomal diagnosis

16, Laboratory analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)

17. Treatment of pathological processes identified through bioresonance therapy (meta-therapy).

18, Treatment of lithography (minerals selected separately for spectral frequency)

19, fear, emotional matrix, relationship matrix, etc.

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter

What are the applications of the Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter?

The Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter can be used by anyone interested in quickly and effectively checking the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees.Accurate analysis is a driving factor in our company, no matter who you are or what you do, the information gathered from the Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter equipment will fully inform you and everyone you work with will be well informed.

Keep in mind that information is gathered at the cellular level and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.
People who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and used and will benefit from using and owning an Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter biofeedback device.

(1) Family doctors.

The device detects and monitors the expression of genetic disorders in all family members

(2) Clinics and medical units

The efficiency of clinical examinations and initial consultations has been greatly improved. Significantly reduces financial costs and time.

The physician is exempt from routine and frequent formal work. Without referring your client to another specialist, you can help them by examining all of their concerns and offering treatment and rehabilitation methods.

(3) Educational facilities and schools

The ability to monitor the health of all children and staff on a truly continuous basis at intervals of no less than once a month, making it possible to assess the health status of pupils.

(4) Sports, recreation centres and fitness facilities

Objective medical monitoring is required when strenuous exercise is performed. The device allows us to consider the characteristics of the organism to create individual programs.

(5) Family and friends

The Metatron 4025 Metapathia gr Hunter is a great tool for monitoring the health of family and friends. A way to provide screening, treatment and rehabilitation without spending a lot of money on health care services.

The Complete Guide to Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter

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(6) Cosmetic and spa salons

Focus on the health of your customers – a very strong competitive trump card. An objective assessment of the client allows for the selection of a personalized cosmetic plan with considerable results.

Scope of application.

commercial establishment

Supermarkets, large shopping malls, exclusive agents, chain stores, mass sales, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies.

financial institution

Banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops.

Non-profit organizations: telecommunications, post offices, hospitals, schools.

public place

Subway, airport, station, gas station, toll booth, bookstore, park, exhibition hall, stadium, museum, conference centre, ticket office, human resources market, lottery centre; real estate: apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model homes, real estate agents.

entertainment programme

Cinemas, gyms, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter

Metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter


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