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What bioplasm 9d nls?


What bioplasm 9d nls?

Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body

The cardiovascular system

Gastro-intestinal tract

Genital-urinary system

Musculoskeletal system

Bronchi-pulmonary system

The endocrine system

Visual and hearing aids/organs

The nervous system

Biochemical analysis of blood without interference

Infection in the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so on)

Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

Level of immunity

Allergy diagnosis (complex tests up to 500 allergens)

Medical testing (individual selection of drugs)

Chromosomal diagnosis

Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)

Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy).

The treatment method litho-therapy (spectral frequencies individually selected minerals)

Fear, Emotional Matrix, relationship Matrix

Why we need Bioplasm 9d NLS?

1) Green examination on the body without any harm.

2) Not only can see the health status of the internal organs, and also easy to Know health trends after 3-5 years.

3) Rapid detection of 12 systems of the body tissue changes, can be comparison relevant range of scanning up to 300 completed the speed of light 100,000 scan points to ensure the accuracy of detection.

4) Quickly to help the user to understanding of the role of specific organ in advance.

5) To make test data on the efficacy of daily food or health food.

6) Provide the professional image of teaching materials for the training of the practitioners expertise.

7) Provide the basis tracking for the sale of health products efficacy.

8) Can provide personality health professional data recovery plan for consumers.

9) Can provide daily health diet guidance for consumers.

Bioplasm  9D NLS vs. Ultrasound Stud


bioplasm 9d nls Advantages:

—Hardware cpu Frequency:5.3GHz

—Test for more than 280 items and 1 millions of cells

—Language: English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Chinese

—Speed:3 millions per second

—Cores : Advanced Eight-core processors imported from USA

—More advanced, has a large database

—Defines in more detail the diagnoses.

—The best pre-clinical diagnostic device

—The most practical model for Clinical version

—Support O.S Window xp,window vista,window 7,Win8,win8.1,Win 10,APPLE

—It can detect all the problem zones in a patient`s organism using its non-invasive methods.

—Easy to install,only two steps to finishe the installation

—System recognize the language of operation and the screen resolution

—Suitable to USB2.0 and USB 3.0,no port problem

—Fast,finishe within 15 minutes

How to use bioplasm 9d nls?


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