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what is a metatron NLS ?


What is Metatron NLS ?

Metatron is a revolutionary computer-non-linear scanner that provides extremely accurate diagnosis of any energetic disturbance within the person. Once the Metatron locates energetic disturbance, it continues to seek for the root cause of the disrupted energy flow – to cellular level and even to chromosomes and gene level also.

What is Feature Advantages of the metatron nls:             

1. The Hunter 4025 is more automatically.
2. Hunter will give you a comparison after you doing the analysis and therapy.
3. Hunter will give you the further research for deep reason.
4. Hunter will give you the recommendation about the treatment for testee.
5. Hunter can give you higher in accuracy.
6. The Hunter is more professional and smart.
7. Hunter can test your full body according to the system of human, which can        help you save time to choose item.
8. Hunter can do the meridian test.
9. The software of Hunter is more suitable for using, when you move the mouse to the icon, it will give you a description of the function of the button.
10. Doctor can add more precise nidus in testing.
11. There is a “smart filter” function, it can pass the items which are unsuitable for the testee, and leave the items which are suitable for the testee.

What Can test the Metatron NLS Scanner?

Metatron HunterThe Metatron Hunter Scanner (4025) is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic device, based on cutting-edge technology developed in Russia. It employs Bio-Resonance or NLS-diagnostics to scan and assess the functional state of the body.

Utilizing the latest in non-linear analysis, it detects abnormalities at the tissue-, cellular-, chromosomal-, DNA helix-, and molecular level. All aberrations can be corrected using the Metatron 4025 Hunter’s integrated treatment system. Metatron scans all the body systems in a single session, creating 3D images of the organs and systems.

Metatron HunterA Non-Linear Full-Body Analysis System developed in Russia. This is currently the only FDA-approved device of its kind. It uses Biofeedback to examine all the body systems in a single session and represents the data in 3D images. The test is easy to perform, the software interface is user friendly and most importantly the results are detailed and reliable.

Information from a Metatron Analysis Includes:

Nervous system
Cardiovascular system
Digestive system
Muscoskeletal system
Respiratory system
Endocrine system
Urinary system
Reproductive system
Identification of allergens
Genetic evaluation of disease predisposition
Detection of various infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites
Monitoring of treatment and rehabilitation
Evaluation of stress adequacy in sports
Database of individual treatment options

What different Metatron nls and Sensitiv Imago?

I am interested in purchasing a NLS device. I have looked through
your website and of a competitor of your, Sensitiv Imago. I would like
you to provide me with a comparison of your product to
theirs. What does your machine give me tobe able to treat my patients better than the Sensitiv Imago. Forget the who was first cliche Who is best, and why. Convince me of this and I will buy your product.

Dear colleague,

To tell the truth, you have placed me in an awkward position with your letter. It was just like someone asked manufacturers of Bentley cars to prove why their cars are better than, for example, Smart cars. He would seriously perplex them. Same steering-wheel, same four wheels. The advantages are not that convincing. But all more or less educated people know that Smart cars cannot be even compared to Bentley – it is obvious and does not require any proofs.

In our case the differences are even more striking. For example allow me to bring some historic facts. During World War 2 US Air Force had to build airfields for their bombers on Melanesia islands, previously not visited by Europeans. Aborigines who lived there saw planes flying like birds for the first time. After the end of the War, when Americans left these islands, locals started to build planes of locally available materials – shit and sticks. Occasionally a chief of a tribe climbed up this plane, puffed and sweated trying to take off.

In the end here is what I’m trying to tell you.
Sensitiv Imago devices (like many other similar devices) compared to our developments is just like shit and sticks planes compared to Boeing-787. And I believe that not only I can put my name down for it, but dozens of our users who work with our systems and previously had bad luck to purchase shit and sticks devices.

Madam, be wise and don’t step on the same rake twice!

Probably, after everything that was said, someone will hurry over to blame us for unfair competition, but I want you to understand one simple thing. We have no competitors! We are surrounded by a swarm of arrogant and cynical swindlers – unpeople who parasite on health problems of naive and trusting individuals!

Best regards,
Vladimir Nesterov
President of International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems,
Full member of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

How Accurate is the Metatron NLS?

A lot of patients ask – how accurate is the Metatron NLS Body Scanning?
Below we have selected three patient case studies to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of Metatron in monitoring a patient’s health progress.

Case Study 1.
An Invisible Cold Sore and What Happened Next.

The Metatron NLS has detected a pathogen on the patient’s upper lip on the left hand side.

Image 1. Metatron has detected a pathogen on the patient’s left upper lip. Note the black spot on the upper lip. Let’s investigate this further.

A closer investigation of the skin in that area has revealed a Herpes Simplex Type 1 infection, also known as a cold sore. At this stage the patient did not have any physical presentation of a cold sore, just a little tingling.

Image 2. A deeper investigation of the skin on the patient’s upper lip. The Metatron NLS has detected the Herpes Type 1 Virus (a cold sore). Nothing is physically visible at this point of time.

A vibration of the Herpes 1 virus was detected by the Metatron NLS and through a ‘Destructor mode’ available on Metatron the virus has been weakened

Image 3. A vibration of the Herpes 1 virus was detected by the Metatron NLS and the pathogen has been weakened via the ‘Destructor mode’.

The patient was also dispensed a herbal tonic to treat the virus. However, she was not convinced that she had the virus. Four hours later she rang me and advised me that a cold sore “came up” to the surface.

ase Study 2.
Parasites and Pet Lovers.

It is not uncommon for all pet owners to have parasites and in particular the parasite Microsporum Canis in a patients’ hair, feet, legs or on other parts of their skin.

In the case of this patient, Microsporum canis parasites were detected by the Metatron NLS in her hair, on her scalp , feet and other areas of the skin.

Image 5 and Image 6. The Microporums Canis parasite detected by the Metatron NLS on the scalp, hair, feet, lower legs and groin.

Some lifestyle changes were recommended such as sanitising hands before eating and using an antiseptic shampoo and body wash.

ase Study 2.
Severe Hair Loss.

A 60 year old Female has presented fatigue and severe hair loss.

The Metatron NLS has detected markers of an underactive thyroid and the presence of the Ebstein Barr virus in the thyroid tissue.

Crystal Healing was completed and a homeopathic remedy was formulated on the Metatron NLS. This was followed by dispensing herbal and nutritional supplements.

Within just 3 months of the combined treatment with Metatron and Naturopathy there was 36% improvement in the patient’s thyroid function and she had stopped losing her hair.

Within the next few months, the patient has recovered completely and she has regrown her hair.

Crystal Healing on the Metatron NLS.

The Metatron NLS is available at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, Sydney.



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