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what is metatron 4027gr how use metatron 4027gr?


What is metatron 4027gr?

metatron 4027gr

metatron 4027gr

The Clinical software has all the features from the previous models, such as Hunter, Diamond and etc. It introduces innovative developments in non-linear diagnostics systems (NLS) such as 3 dimensional images, image crosscuts, and many other functions.

Database of etalons is extended significantly.

Biochemical indices: New enzymes, and hormones are introduced.
Immunoglobulin of I order
Microelements – New section – introduced all chemical elements contained in the human organism, chemical elements wave spectrums character on their location in the periodic table is revealed, which gives the possibility to evaluate quantitatively indices of human organism homeostasis, and roughly diagnose its disorders at early stages. Using the NLS analysis function, it became possible to reveal and control content of various microelements in an organism.
Homeopathic preparations: Introduced new modern supplents, revealed strict dependence of wave spectrum analysis among humoral-constitutional peculiarities of an organism, blood group, Rhesus factor, some biochemical indices and spectrum of a homeopathic preparation.
Nutriceuticals: Database of food supplements is extended, in particular with NSP company products.
Allopathy. Database of modern allopathic / pharmaceutical preparations is significantly extended: new antibiotics, probiotics and other medications are introduced.
This software introduces the new feature of Psycho-emotional state which allows to evaluate in real-time, the emotional background of a patient and detect interrelation between development of mental and somatic pathology and the psycho-emotional state of a patient. Additional 73 etalons of emotional conditions were added, such as hope, faith, sorrow, anger, etc. to a section of psycho-emotional condition screening. Thoughts and feelings form strictly individual spatial-frequency torsion fields. In order to achieve true progress in medicine and psychology, the interpretation of emotional disorders as disharmonic fluctuations affecting normal functional conditions of an organism needs to be learned. There is a close connection between emotions, and development of a particular pathological state of health. This sometimes makes it possible to foresee the course of a person’s disease, by evaluation of his / her level of emotional stress.
Database of allergens is extended – introduced spectrums of some heavy metals.
80 new etalons of organopreparations – peptide bioregulators were introduced into database of Metapathia GR Clinical software.

For the first time in “Metapathia GR Clinical” software the application of three-dimensional reconstruction of pictures was introduced, on the basis of data read with multi-dimensional research – a study of hollow organs according to principles of “Virtual NLS-Scopy” with use of the LAPP system (ultrahigh performance parallel processors system). Preparation of pictures for visual analysis is fulfilled with the help of 4-D Tissue. the original method was invented by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, that allows not only obtaining of virtual multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, but also to select a biological tissue of interest – “additional dimension” and visualize bones, soft tissues and vessels simultaneously.
“Metapathia GR Clinical” software has a significantly increased the accuracy of acquired rough diagnostic results by the establishing of a feedback system between a patient and the HSS. This objective is reached by introducing the possibility to enter the software results of the patient’s biochemical analyses (blood/urine) acquired by a laboratory method.
All software databases of the new Clinical software are translated into a few foreign languages. Thus, the new “Metapathia GR Clinical” software will support not only Russian, English and German languages, but Italian, and French languages as well, which significantly extends the geography of the application of this innovative technology!

How metatron 4027gr work?

The NLS Diagnostic analog‑free computerized human body healty analyzer instruments enables to trace any states of biological object, according to a change in the wave characteristics of the bodys tissues, individual cells, chromosomes and even separate ferments and hormones.

Nonlinear analysis systems (NLS) are the most advanced information technologies that can now, at the outset of the century, be considered the most remarkable and advantageous accomplishment of modern natural science.

The Indication/diagnosis equipment based on the spectral analysis of vortex magnetic fields of biological organisms is quite unique .. Numerous experiments performed at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics confirm a close relationship between vortex magnetic fields and biological systems with these fields being used in biological systems as a means of extra ‑ and intracellular interaction. The vortex magnetic fields plays an important part in information transfer and interaction with biological sys‑tems.

How do biological systems recognize and isolate the necessary information from the background noise and in what manner do extra‑ and intracellular communications take place? The research on energy fields around plants and animals done at the Institute has brought to conclusion that there exists an extremely weak low‑frequency vortex magnetic field around biological systems. In try‑ing to figure out the world of energy fields of living organisms we drew close to the comprehension of the biofield phenomenon which people have known from time immemoria l,with some of the evidence found in the Yajur ‑ Veda and traditional Chinese medicine.

The scientific discoveries underlying this method are a technological addition to the centuries‑old Oriental medicine based on energy conceptions of acupuncture as a means of the biological system control. If we turn to the Chinese meridian system we will leam of the mysterious tsi flux which in energy terms reminds us of a coherent photon flux

The ʹ NLS •system shows functuats according to the principle of amplification of the initiating signal with the disintegration of metastable systems involved. In terms of physics the 8DNLS is a system of electronic oscillators resonating at the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation whose
energy is equivalent to the energy breaking down the dominant bonds that maintain the structural organization of theorganism under investigation.

The magnetic moments of the molecular currents, affected by external physical fields, lose their initial orientation which causes disalignment of the spin structures of delocalized electrons of admixture center of cortex neurons; that, in turn, gives rise to their unstable metastable states whose disintegration acts as an amplifier of the initiating signal.

ʺThe NLS Scanner employs a treatment method designed to strengthen the body and enhance the bodyʹs natural recovery to health. Making use of this device affords the practitioner and client an opportunity similar to one‑stop‑shopping;ʺ

The hardware‑software com‑plex developed at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics enables to produce a preset bioelectrical activity of brain neurons, with this activity as a background it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals hardly detectable against the statistical fluctuations and iso* late and decode the information they con‑tain.

In a way the apparatus • NLS • takes bearings of this radiation just where it originates in order to then decode and display it on the computer screen where a virtual model of the organ is produced in certain colors.

The NLS Scanner is designed to provide the most accurate results because it focuses on the source, the brain, therefore, the mind is where we begin accumulating information on the changes that occur in the body. The sensors in the headphones placed on the ears of the subject will trigger the brain to communicate the frequencies that occur within the body. Each and every change at the cellular level will be detected and identified, whether the challenge is a bacteria, virus, parasite, or any dis‑ease manifestation or biochemical being, it will be detected by recognition of its unique frequency/signature and be identified by name and development stage.

Modern bio-energy researches that have been carried out on plants and animals since 1920 concluded that there is a frequency-specific swirl, a magnetic field in biological systems.

In the center of the 8D-NLS Biorezonancia Scanners database, more than 100,000 patients, more than 1000 exclusive health questions, test results, and test information, based on which the 5718 spectral chart was compiled.

metatron 4027gr clinical

metatron 4027gr clinicaltm

metatron 4027gr

Where and who need metatron 4027gr?

For beauty. Health care products such as industry, easy to operate, portable, intuitive, can be detected nearly 300 items; nearly 10 standard database; about 90% accuracy.

How to analysis the test reports by the 6 colors?

1 – Normal State
2 – Standard Condition
3 – Restricted State
4 – Serious Disorders State
5 – Weak State
6 – Abnormal Condition
(Sub-health status)



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