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What is metatron russia?


What is METATRON Russia : diagnostic system

metatron russia  metatron russia


metatron russiametatron russia

  • is a medical device approved in the
  • is a bioresonance device which uses the method of diagnostics NLS
  • It is produced by the Institute of Psihofizica Practice (IPP) in Omsk, Russia
  • at the moment it is the most advanced system of diagnostics by bioresonance
  • It is portable, lightweight, non-invasive and painless
  • NLS diagnostic method is based on the notions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic, quantum physics, biochemistry, etc.
  • It’s fast and secure (within an hour it can assess the health of the patient’s body without using other devices, i.e. is a miniclinica)
  • minimum maintenance costs, it does not require consumables, excellent reliability.

What does diagnostic system: METATRON Russia

  • evaluate precisely the functional status of the body in the form of local analysis of NLS
  • controls the efficiency and results of the different therapies applied
  • various types of research leads: from functional changes to the chromosomal
  • evaluates the patient’s body with adaptive capacities
  • Locate the primary focus of a disease
  • evaluates qualitative parameters of homeostazici
  • indicate the most effective individualized remedies (allopathic, homeopathic, herbal, nutritional supplements, crystals, Bach flower remedies, bee-keeping, cosmetics)
  • determine the pathogenic flora activate, allergens, heavy metals, enzymes, hormones oncological markers, immunoglobulins (for employment imunodeficienta)
  • appreciate the emotional state of the patient and establishing of connection between psihoemotionala and somatic condition (spectral characteristics of 73 emotions)
  • evaluates the body’s genetic predisposition
  • inhibit the activity of active pathological flora through metacorectie
  • stores the results of investigations aimed at tracking the dynamics of functional pathological changes

metatron russia

metatron russia

metatron russia


All the information about the state of your body is delivered to the brain. We use special trigger sensors which are shaped as headphones in order to connect to it. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge software in order to obtain this data, to decode it and to create an onscreen display in the form of three-dimensional models of organs, tissues and cells.

METATRON Russia NLS is the reading, processing and analysing of information discerned from the output of electromagnetic waves issued by the human body, making it possible to define the character, origins, and degree of potentially harmful processes. The Metatron decodes this information during a diagnostic session, and can also roughly forecast future health dynamics.
Scanning is accomplished by means of magnetic inductors, which are special trigger sensors capable of measuring the state of cells in the human body, as well as the activity of bacteria, parasites, and other infectious agents inhabiting it. Metatron targets the subcortical brain – the largest repository of information about the ongoing process within an organism.
Information received during a short diagnostic session is reformed into a digital signal, which is subsequently decoded and analysed by Metatron’s unique medical software. METATRON’s software database contains a total of over 10,000 spectral etalons of various preparations, illnesses and specifications.
All the information about a state of your body (spectral-entropic code)
Is delivered to a brain and analyzed.
Metatron system uses special trigger sensors to tune to resonance frequency of a control signal of a researched organ, then it reads the information , decodes it and displays on a screen in a form of threedimensional models of orga ns, tissues, cells and their organelles.

METATRON Russia NLS aims to obtain information about the state of a patient’s health using a unique medical computer-software package. The data about an objective state of body tissues, cells, and hormones, are transmitted in real time, and are instantly decoded in the form of specific diagnosis and recommendations.

All the information about the state of the patient’s health is transmitted to the brain. Special trigger sensors in the form of magnetic inductors shaped like headphones are used to obtain this information. Unique medical software decodes the data, and displays it on a computer screen in the form of three dimensional model images of organs, tissues, and cells. A specific marker system is used to highlight pathological conditions.

Why Choose our METATRON Russia NLS diagnostic?

highly-informative method of organism examination

safety, i.e. maximal non-intervention into internal environment of an organism;
quickness of a research – average time for a patient research is 15-20 minutes;
mobility and portability;
affordable price of device and therefore the research itself;
high informativeness of the NLS-method, which is especially important for accurate diagnosing;
high objectivity at information reading;
diagnosing and monitoring of pathological conditions at early stages of a disease in the absence of significant organic changes of tissues;
a possibility of active homeostasis control, which is impossible for any modern
diagnostic system!

Who need use the metatron nls?

Doctors and medical practitioners
Sanatorium resorts
Fitness centers and spas
Medical Clinics
Oriental Medicine Centers
Sports Medicine Specialists
Diagnostic rooms
Scientific research centers
Distributors of phytopreparations and dietary supplements

All NLS Metatron Scanners must be operated only by a Certified Metatherapist.

Doctors and medical practitioners
diagnostic-roomsDiagnostic Rooms
Medicine Specialists
Centers and Spas
Medicine Centers
distributors-of-homeopathic-medicinesDistributors of Homeopathic
Medicines and Dietary Supplements
medical-clinicsMedical Clinics
Research Centers
sanatorium-resortsSanatorium Resorts

metatron russian machine
ipp russia metatron
metatron russia




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